mission statement



For London to thrive we need to house Londoners, keeping a diverse population at its centre at all levels of the economy. But over the past 20 years the City of London has grown upwards and outwards, while East London residents and traders have been driven out by escalating rents and unaffordable homes.

The Bishopsgate Goodsyard is public land owned by Network Rail. Covering ten acres, it is the largest brownfield site in inner London, yet it has sat empty since a fire in 1964. We want it to be used for public good, through an exemplary development that addresses the housing crisis as well as the needs of small businesses and the local community. The Goodsyard should serve the East End, not just add to the number of City offices and luxury flats. It offers a unique opportunity to deliver a world-class solution, just as the neighbouring Boundary Estate started a revolution in public housing a century ago.

We demand public authorities rise to the challenge to create a visionary, lasting and environmentally responsible scheme for this site. Public land is increasingly rare: like an endangered habitat, it needs protection. Let the people develop a new urban ecosystem here, to revive the spirit of the East End.

Campaign letter to the Greater London Authority [pdf]

This campaign is endorsed by:

Boundary Community Association
Brick Lane Mosque
Columbia Tenants and Residents Association
East End Preservation Society
East End Trades Guild
Federation of Tower Hamlets Tenants and Residents Associations
Friends of Arnold Circus
Gascoigne Neighbourhood Association
Jesus Hospital Estate Residents Association
Rochelle Studios
Saint Hilda’s East Community Centre
Solidarity Britannia
Spitalfields Housing Association
Spitalfields Trust
Weavers Community Action Group
and other community groups